Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Love and Support, Josh style

Years (and years....and years) ago, I stared down the barrel of the biggest exam of my life. Pass it, and I would move on to candidacy toward my Ph.D. in English Literature. Fail, and the years (and years...and years) of coursework would fizzle into a post-MA trail of trials behind me, cheapening a million family sacrifices that had carried me so far. [One semester, when my work load was huge and Olivia (then just under a year) wanted no one but Mama, I often played on the floor with our baby while Josh read Jane Austen aloud (with character voices!) from the couch.] My amazing husband took my exam day off of work to care for our then toddler and baby, Olivia and Josiah. I woke up from a fitful sleep, dressed in "appropriate" clothes and a pair of shoes that I purchased for the occasion just because they said "Faulkner" on the sole. (Clearly, I was grasping for any edge I could get my shaky white knuckles around.) Just before I headed out the door, Josh stopped me, sat me down, and pushed play on our VCR. And this is what I watched:

Then, I walked out the front door while my husband and two babies clapped, slowly at first and then more quickly....until my car was out of sight. SO, as I crawl toward defending this dissertation, I run up against countless uninspired moments. Each meeting with my advisor becomes more critical, and I find my husband tagging inspirational speeches in his spare time...often. Tonight, he found one that I really enjoyed.

You can watch the original if you like, but I'm sold on the remake!

Anyway, if he doesn't have me screen Randy Pausch's entire last lecture (which he just might), I'd say the Miracle speech is an excellent contender for parting words before my next long walk to the car.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day Bonus

Some of my best friends moved away. This is sad. Their whole family still brings me such joy from so far away. This is wonderful. Check out my friend (and former bandmate!:) Scott and their FANTASTIC son Miles rockin out in their ultra-popular garage band! You'll be so glad you did.

P.S. The gorgeous woman in white as the audience gets panned (you know the one I mean!) is my friend Mary, and although I never caught a glimpse of their sweet Annalee, I smile just thinking of her and the hours we have all spent playing together. Thank you, Mary, for the lifetime of friendship that we've shared in a few short years.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Friday, June 11, 2010

Don't worry, Girum. Mama and Daddy are coming.

While Dad and Josiah went on a birthday celebration outing this evening, Olivia asked that we watched the babies' videos. (Our agency put together two amazing video versions of the story of their lives before we met, one of which includes our first meeting at the care center.) Girum was adamant about watching the one with Mama and Daddy in it, and so we watched the video together. The babies love to watch the video, though we only do it a few times a year. They love to identify themselves and each other (and some mystery baby they always call "Coco."). Tonight, though, Girum was less interested in finding himself and more interested in the story. He watched intensely (which is how he does everything). At one point, when tiny, little Girum was crying in his bed on the screen, my just-turned-two-year-old Girum sat up and said, "Girum is crying. Girum is sad. Don't worry Girum, Mama and Daddy are coming."

And we did.