Thursday, September 27, 2007

One Great Thing

I learned something wonderful today. Cascade Complete, the $6 dishwashing detergent that promises to clean your dishes without ANY prewashing......DOES!!!!!! I sprung for the high end soap figuring that, on the off chance that the stuff really worked, I would bask in the unwound joy of having countless extra hours this year because of the time I save in NOT washing my dishes before placing them in the dishwasher (and, better yet, avoiding the bitter post-dishwasher soak and rewash of the 30% of the dishes with crud firmly baked on by the dishwasher sanitation kiln....a lovely tomatosauce glaze).....OR I would chalk the three additional dollars up to relatively cheap lessons learned and move on (and the $2.99 Electrosol). But it works!!!! I have washed two loads of dishes today....the first was loaded last experimental run with the new detergent after a detergent dry spell that yielded mountains of disgusting (DISGUSTING) crusty dishes. I challenged my new soap and my new soap met that challenge!!!! My bowls are clean -- completely clean -- every crevice of every fork is sparkly, and there is no disconcerting crud on the edges of my spatulas that must be manually scraped into the insinkerator. They are clean. So I tried the pots and pans....havens for blissful dishes of dinner and unbudging growths of visible bacteria colonies.....ALL CLEAN. I cannot describe the unspeakable happiness that warms me everytime I open this dishwasher (my first ever). Who invented this stuff? What is the procedure for recommending someone for canonization as a saint? This discovery rivals the introduction of Zout to our laundry system (that's right, JJ! Pass it on!) I'd ask the Cascade people (saints?) to pay me for this gratuitous recommendation, but I'm not sure there's a budget for mentioning a product to immediate family (the sole demographic that comprises my blog audience). Thanks, anyway, Cascadians......You are (sniff) wonderful.

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Kimberly said...

You are not alone! I, too, have experienced this joy! My husband and I had grown accustomed to the pre and post dishwashing routines required by the dishwasher that came with our house. Then one day I declared that I'd had enough! So off to HH Gregg's Memorial Day Sale we went...then a few days later we gleefully basked in the glory of the clean dishes that emerged from our new machine! Hallelujah!