Monday, October 20, 2008

Daddy's got the gang downstairs...

SO, I'm gonna post some more pictures!!! (Isn't it great that Grandma wields a camera!?) These pictures, taken shortly after we arrived home in September, chronicle the Spa Day Olivia insisted upon having with her baby sister. At six, Olivia loves to "beauty up" with sparkly lipgloss, various lotions, and REALLY obnoxious creamy kid versions of eye shadow and blush -- all gifts. I figure if I let this phase ride, she'll lose interest eventually and understand where real beauty comes from (blah, blah, blah...etc., etc.. We'll see.). ANYway, I don't wear make-up, generally, so I don't have to worry about her using mine. I DO occasionally borrow hers! In the absence of any grown up lip treatments, I often go to church looking mighty sparkly. It IS rather fun. I get the attraction, Olivia, and hopefully Tari does, too. (I should probably mention that no obnoxious gels or creams were applied to the baby -- just some FANCY jewelry and innoccuous lotions). One thing I know for SURE, Josiah is quite grateful to be relieved of his brotherly beauty up duties (though he can work a tutu and nail polish with the best of them...He is a magnificent brother-- patient beyond belief with the whims of his big sister -- much like my own brother was when I forced him to comply with the vagaries of my bizarre imaginary worlds). Okay, on to the pictures. Aren't they sweet?

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Cindi Clark said...

I absolutely love these pictures!!! I think Olivia just looks so sweet as she so gently massages baby Tarikwa's tiny feet. Could Tarikwa be gazing more adoringly at her big sister? Daddy and I think these two are going to be good friends forever! So very sweet! I just love them! I love the image of you with sparkly lip gloss at church! I know that I have been pretty "beautied up" at your house and have forgotten about it until several hours later I see myself in the rear-view mirror on my way home!!! Pretty entertaining and scary! Love you and love your babies...all of them!