Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Zoo Crew

My husband thinks I'm some kind of nut, but the truth is that I'm a much better get-me-out-of-the-house-before-I-go-crazy mom than a stay-at-home mom. I don't have all of my domestic inadequacies glaring at me from the overfull sink and the brimming hamper to impinge upon my time with my kids -- maybe that's why. Whatever the reason, while my mother-in-law was here (thank you, Grandma:), we headed to the zoo the first chance that came our way. I'll share some of her pictures, and then I PROMISE I'll post the raft of family pictures from the Autumn-fest:) Included in the background of the goat-petting pics (for you, Adam, I said it for you) are my gorgeous sister and her beautiful brilliant son, Jonah who joined us on our zoo story. Karen, of course, looks fabulous. They are VERY unflattering pictures of me. I post them because I love her:) Also, I am including a couple of pictures of the lorikeet feeding extravaganza. The babies wanted to eat the birds, Josiah was very unsure of the birds, and Olivia is clearly an old pro. I left the shark petting pictures out, but the babies loved the aquarium and the older two are endlessly fascinated by petting sharks -- and Grandma loved it, too! We have an awesome zoo. And the one with the animals in it is pretty great also.


Cindi Clark said...

I think you are an awesome or out of the house! You are very brave...and I'm proud of you for all that you do with your little ones! Good job making such wonderful memories!


mother-in-law said...

Grandma loved it too! It was a great week!! I miss you all terribly and I agree with your wonderful mom, you are an awesome mama!!!

Leah said...

wow, wow, wow! i don't recognize those chubby babies-- esp Girum! whatever you are doing it looks like it is working well... everyone looks happy, well-adjusted, chunky... love it! also love the crazy triplet stroller. so great!