Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rock of Ages VS Philosopher's Stone (Steele cage grudge match of the millenium)

I've blogged a million posts in my head this week, but nothing actually made it to the screen. This moment is one that I MUST not forget, though, so I might as well share it while I record it for posterity (and for my deplorable memory). A few weeks ago, I realized after Sunday service that we discussed a question I had never brought to my kids: "What do you know?" As a lifetime student of philosophy (with the papers to prove it!), I could have kicked myself for letting this one slip by! So, over a backyard picnic, I sprung it, ready to pounce with a little deconstruction and immaterialism (maybe little cognative science just for flavor). Here are my kids' responses, in order:

My question: "Is there anything that you KNOW, and how do you KNOW that you KNOW it?"

Olivia's reply (looking a little annoyed at the question's apparent condescention):

"You can't KNOW anything, Mom. You can only choose to believe. Everything anybody thinks they know they are really just choosing to believe. For example, I choose to believe in God because it's better, but not because I KNOW. No one can KNOW anything."

As I wound my immaterialist tail back between my legs and prepared to limp home with a weak, "Very interesting thought, Olivia. How did you know that?" (This time, a sincere question rather than a provocative one), Josiah jumped in with his reply. [Be sure to imagine his Rs as Ws and his Ss as SHs....I love the way he talks but trying to write his sweet particularities is....annoying).

Josiah's reply: "Well, I believe in God....because...if I didn't, He might not KILL me.....but He might WANT to."

Now there's a boy who's been to Sunday school! That's material I can work with! But who wants to? At this point, I was bested, laughing, and ready to dive with my kids into the waiting pumpkin pie. What great kids!


Cindi Clark said...

Fantastic story, Amy! They have the most wonderful deep thoughts! Glad you wrote this one down for posterity! Stories like this are ones you think you will never forget, but alas...

I love you!


Mama Papaya said...

Oh look at them grow Amy. Amazing.

Karen said...

What a beautiful bunch of kids!! I love this picture!

Lindsey said...

what GREAT responses! your daughter taught me something and "He may want to" made me laugh out loud. :-) I LOVE the picture!!