Sunday, August 5, 2007

Ethiopian Adoption Update (finally!)

Well, I reread my last blog entry...aren't I annoying?! I thought I'd keep this entry focused, so that at least I can be irritating AND informative. We actually have some news! Last Thursday, we received word that our dossier was approved by our agency, which means that our names will officially be added to the agency's waiting list. (Apparently, I was too busy blogging about my feelings and ideas to take the time to write about the actual progress of our adoption! Annoying.) My blog-friend Jennifer calls this stage being "pregnant on paper." (I'll add a link to her blog in the sidebar....she's hip and interesting.) Our dossier will be forwarded to the US State Dept. and the Ethiopian Embassy for another round of identifications while we continue to wait for our fingerprinting appointment with CIS (remember them? not especially nice, not very helpful at first, but ultimately very necessary). I have faith that everything is going to come together perfectly. Here's what I'm hoping. While the Ethiopian courts are closed, from tomorrow until the end of September (the courts close at the end/beginning of their calendar year in observance of the New Year, which, in Ethiopia falls on our September fact, this year is their turn of the millenium. They operate on a 13 month calendar that has rolled approximately seven years behind the calendar used in America...if this confuses/bothers you then you should see what it does to my mom! She gets completely freaked out -- almost angry -- about the fact that time is a pliable's a little bit funny to watch. Try this experiment for yourself. When you talk to her, just say, "Did you know that the Ethiopian calendar is seven years behind the calendar employed in America, making this their millenial new year?," then stand back and enjoy the show! She won't disappoint you.) our dossier will be making its way through the American authorization circuit. About the time the courts reopen, we should be heading their direction. Who knows what can happen when things time out just perfectly in all the hubbubb? (I don't think I spelled hubbubb right, but can you really fault me for that one?) I'm very hopeful. And thank you for your patience. You are the best blog readers in the world for sticking with me....all 17 of you!

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