Monday, August 6, 2007

So much to little....structure

I jumped into blog world with both feet (guns ablazin! whole hog!...I wish I were from Southeast Missouri right now. People from Southeast Missouri have the best cliches. My cliches are so......cliche) a couple of weeks ago with nary a thought toward continuity or structure. And while I have every intention of preserving that pattern, I have a few salient issues that I would like to cover. In order to force myself into some accountability, I am noting here a few of the topics I'd address as this record evolves.

1. Sunday thoughts -- Every Sunday in church I expose myself (not in the way you're thinking....what kind of church do you think I attend!?) by sharing the challenges/insights from my week (more challenges than insights as you might well imagine). I frequently talk about the journey of this adoption, my kids, and the process of life in a way that pertains to threads covered in this blog. I'd like to share those as I go along.

2. Getting Started -- The "how we started thinking about adoption in the first place" stories that I have read online have thickened my own perspective and have informed so much of my introspection regarding family that I feel compelled to share my story somewhere along the way as well (incedentally...always avoid anyone who authors a clause like "I feel compelled to share." -- apart from this blog of course.).

3. Questions for the table -- I would, at some point, like to offer a number of the questions that have made this adoption far more than a gruelling exercise in paperwork competency....questions that have called me into question on foundational issues. I think I'll blog a list one day, hope for responses in the comment section, and enter the discussion a few days later...keeping the conversation openended.
Perhaps we can generate more questions together (whirling me into another tailspin of anguish and husband wouldn't know WHAT to think if I weren't in a tailspin of anguish and self-deprecation.)

That's all. So I'll take time to hit these issues over the next couple of weeks and will interrupt with adoption news as it becomes available.
Tonight, all I've done to that end is call the passport office, which has been monumentally overrun throughout the last few weeks, to request corrections in the spelling of our names on the passports we ordered a while ago. Shockingly, I didn't have to wait the projected hour to talk to a very helpful person. The corrections have been made, and everything is moving forward in the right direction. Incidentally, the that Mondays are traditionally very busy in the passport office, but tonight was very quiet. So if you have a passport tonight!

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Cindi Clark said...

Your life, your family, your thoughts, and you are all so very wonderful, funny, and interesting. Thank you for sharing them all so willingly with me.

I love you!