Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Still sick, or sick again? Tom(ae)to, Tom(ah)to.....PLEASE call this whole thing off!

I'm sick. But I'm getting better. But I'm sick. We seemed to have kicked aside our H1N1 long about last Monday, but Josiah came down with a formidable fever a couple of nights later, and I soon followed suit. (Thanks to our wonderful friends Christine, Kenji, Maika, and Reina for including Olivia in their trick or treat outing and to Grandma's candy run and Daddy's amazing energy and Netflix movie selection for redeeming the holiday for my housebound son). The consensus among medical professionals is that we (Josiah, Girum -- whose ears are infected, and me) have residual infections and not a resurgence of the virus. SO I'm being treated for pneumonia, and Josiah seems to be moving toward better health, and Girum appears to have conquered his ear infection. I will say that I'm spending larger portions of my day upright and alert than I was through the weekend, which is a good sign! Hopefully, we're all on the mend.

Now for some context: In the last week, our drier has broken, our cabinet broke, Taye's head sustained a stitchable (but ultimately glued) cut on the edge of the hearth, our vacuum belt broke, and -- most notably -- the pump, bladder, and pipes of our house-supplying well had to be replaced, leaving us four days without water == all icing on the swine flu cake. How about some input on this one!

I don't know how to create a survey, but if I could, I would ask: Do you think our strange rush of misfortune is:

A. A sinister attack by the forces of darkness to derail us from good?

B. Kharmic retribution for the choices I made and people I hurt between the ages of 16 and 21 (sorry, mom)?

C. Not actually misfortune at all.....seriously, consider the list of things that did NOT go wrong and people who did NOT end up in the hospital and jobs and relationships and hopes that were not lost, crushed, or otherwise mutilated and STOP YOUR WHINING!

I vote C! All things considered, life is pretty fantastic! Consider this the spring thaw in the winter of my discontent! My next post will be BLINDINGLY sunny:)


Cindi Clark said...

I vote "C"! I'm glad you are all feeling better! I love you!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Wow Amy! Bless your heart! I'm checking in with your blog for the first time in a while (sorry) and now I'm worried. Update that you are all better when you get a minute (as if you ever have a whole minute these days - ha!) Sending you tons and heaps of love and well wishes for you, your hubby and your little ones. Barb Tedder

Anonymous said...

You, maybe, were mistaken?