Saturday, October 24, 2009


That's right, seven out of seven of us have the bug, in various stages. I've moved two steps back from death's threashold to his front stoop. Josh shares the step with me. Josiah lags half a step behind us with Girum a half step behind him (both of those boys still struggle with coughs and fevers on and off). Tarikwa and Taye are in uncharted territories. Haven been treated prophylactically (it just means protectively, in medical terms) with Tamaflu, a dosage just upped to full strength since they've produced symptoms, I have no idea what their run will look like. Hopefully short and not so debilitating. Did I mention that Olivia is off the porch completely and playing in death's front yard? (This is, clearly, where the whole metaphor begins to break down...but you get the idea). She's not well, as evinced by her nagging cough, but she is not, by the standards of this household, sick any longer. Yay! Four kids a day are receiving breathing treatments right now, four times a day, and, thankfully, they seem to help a lot. We're holding on and holding together....and watching a lot of TV.


Cindi Clark said...

I'm so sorry that the babies all have "it" now. I'm so glad that a couple of you are on an upswing. I am praying that you all get better soon so I can come down and be with you!

Hang in there and hang on to each other! I love you all! (as apparently evidenced by the fact that I'm posting on your blog entry!!!) HA! HA!!!

Lane and Christian said...

Just checking in on you and yours and making sure you know that the sickness will pass! And I love the hand pic!! That is beautiful!