Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hand, Foot, and Mouth

Hand, Foot, and Mouth is a disease, not a Dr. Seuss book, and my children have it (the disease -- but they also have a couple of Dr. Seuss books). It's just as gross and uncomfortable as it sounds but not as serious. 72 hours of fever, a few days of blisters ( you might have inferred, one's hands, feet, and mouth), and the virus expires. At least that's the prognosis. From where I sit, among blistered hands, feet, and mouths, and blazing foreheads, 72 hours feels long. But, I'll take it. I know I've spent three days in worse ways.


julianne said...

Love your blog. I laughed so many times:) Hope everyone gets well soon. Your presentation today was so great. YOU are such a gift. Thank you for sharing so much. You put into words so many beautiful things. I have difficulty with that so you are my idol! You must be an awesome teacher. I loved how you spoke about our definitions of family. I felt like I could listen to you all day! Thank you too for taking time away from your kiddos when they are sick. It must have taken a lot to arrange that. See you soon. Have a great week! Julianne

Sherry said...

That brings back flashbacks. C was 5 and our foster children were 3 and 2 and we took a trip to Florida. We made an ER trip on the way with C due to high fever and sore throat.. treated as infection but later we found out it was the HFM disease. The next one started with the fever before we reached Fl and the 3rd one got it about 2 days later.... they ate a lot of jello that week but managed to have fun on the beach once fevers went away. Hope it goes away quickly for you all.