Friday, June 11, 2010

Don't worry, Girum. Mama and Daddy are coming.

While Dad and Josiah went on a birthday celebration outing this evening, Olivia asked that we watched the babies' videos. (Our agency put together two amazing video versions of the story of their lives before we met, one of which includes our first meeting at the care center.) Girum was adamant about watching the one with Mama and Daddy in it, and so we watched the video together. The babies love to watch the video, though we only do it a few times a year. They love to identify themselves and each other (and some mystery baby they always call "Coco."). Tonight, though, Girum was less interested in finding himself and more interested in the story. He watched intensely (which is how he does everything). At one point, when tiny, little Girum was crying in his bed on the screen, my just-turned-two-year-old Girum sat up and said, "Girum is crying. Girum is sad. Don't worry Girum, Mama and Daddy are coming."

And we did.


Adam, Val, & Little Miles said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE this. We love you guys and are in awe of how God has brought your wonderful family together!

Aubrey said...

So sweet! You have such a wonderful family Amy.

Cindi Clark said...

This entry breaks and fills my heart all at the same time! So very sweet...just like your whole family!