Sunday, July 20, 2008


Wonderful news!!! Friday we received BIRTH CERTIFICATES for all three of our babies in Ethiopia. Pragmatically, this news is good because it means that we are one GIANT step closer to bringing them home (we should be assigned a travel date during the early part of next week). Emotionally, this news is good because the birth certificates included recent pictures, which have encouraged all of us (although seeing the dynamic changes in their beautiful faces makes me ache for the weeks that we have spent apart during their time at the care center). Here are three of the five most beautiful children in the whole world: Girum, Tarikua, and Taye. (See photo at the top of the blog for a recent picture of Olivia and Josiah, the other two most beautiful children in the whole world!).


Cindy said...

They are just beautiful Amy!!

Maria and Family said...

Oh my! I have been waiting to see your beautiful triple blessings! They are so so sweet. HUGE Congratulations to you !!