Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What I learned from the 70s

In the meantime.....during all of the uncanny perfection of this family building, I have had so many moments when my two kids at home have gotten the worst of me. I've hung up the phone with our caseworker, dissappointed with news that didn't fit my timetable, and turned to snarl at the beautiful faces around my kitchen table (granted, those faces were wide-mouthed mid-bicker, but no body deserves the snarls they've been subjected to these last few weeks). SO, another BIG lesson being re-taught to me: If you Can't be with the Ones you Love.....Love the Ones you're with! I DO love ALL of my children....I just haven't been loving them all very well lately. So I'm finally going to curl up in this Zen learning curve and do exactly and only and all of what's right in front of me. Same lesson.....snappier tune:)

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Would you quite writing about me? ;)