Thursday, September 17, 2009

Super Duper Soccer Man

I'd like to inaugurate a new Superhero in light of my husband's recent two-kids-playing-soccer-on-the-one-day-a-month-when-mom-teaches (note: it was also soccer picture day, and both kids played at the same time on fields a mile apart). GRACIOUSLY, my awesome mom made her way down to help field the insanity, but that terrific help in no way diminishes Josh's Superhero valiance.

Here's my mom's charge for the morning:

And here (by his own insistence) was Josh's:

Never, in the history of time, has a man looked hotter.

Joshua, you have my heart.


Cindi Clark said...

You do have an absolutely WONDERFUL husband, Amy! He doesn't just take responsibility for his little angels...he truly loves and enjoys them! I don't see that very often! I'm so proud of him...of you...of all of you!

I love you all!


Cindy said...

So how many "you got your hands full!!!" comments did he get with this troop? ;) Way too cute!

--The other triplet mama.

Billy Clark said...

Not only does he do all that but he manages to post almost daily on fantasy football. The pictures are awesome, as well as the ones your Mom emailed us.