Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Five of us down, now, with the pig plague. Tarikwa (whose tender lungs are always my greatest concern when ever respiratory illnesses take hold) and Taye remain active and feverless. The rest of us.....suffer. I think this disease and its impact on our household is best expressed in the following mathematical equation:

(7-2) x 7(days)/103.4 = H1N1

I'm not including the fraction of stomach symptoms/two bathrooms, because my math's not so good, but you get the idea.

Take care, everyone, and avoid contact with cute snouts and curly tails. (I totally get that the illness has nothing to do with actual pigs, but how often do circumstances allow you to implicate farm animals in matters of personal dispair? Not often enough.)


Adam and Val said...

Man we are praying for your family and hoping this passes VERY soon for you guys!

Cindi Clark said...

Can you?

If Caroline Ingalls can...then I know you can, too!

Hang in there! Call if the seesaw you and Josh are on snaps in half!