Wednesday, July 25, 2007

First Effort

You have inspired whose blogs I surf every night....whose lives I borrow from in my mothering, my travel planning, my hope-making. Consider my proverbial hat ....hesitantly....thrown in. My fingertips are screaming from the tile Josh and I have been eeking and slathering into place across our kitchen floor, so this will be a very brief maiden blog voyage....just to test the mainsail (that's still a nautical metaphor, right....I thought about whet the hull, but whet seemed like a misapplied homophone and hull, I think, may have something to do with corn, or nuts...maybe a misapplied mainsail). .....and.....there it was.


Cindi Clark said... are amazing. Thank your for your willingness to be so transparent. Your "baby mama" entry should be read by every mama sharing the adoption experience. Well...actually, I think it should be read by everybody! :) So powerful and heartwrenching. I'm proud of you.

I love you!


Sarah said...

Amy I was teary eyed reading your baby's mama entry. You are an amazing writer and an awesome mama. My family and I have been blessed to have you in our lives. I have learned so much from you and you have been a wonderful teacher for my kids also. I am so excited to see you family grow and flourish. They will all be that much better from having you as their mom and mentor. I look forward to reading all your blogs and meeting your new baby.

We love you!
Vince, Sarah, Alexis, and Corbin