Sunday, July 29, 2007

Oh How He Loves you and me...

The title of this blog has very little to do with the information contained's just the song in my head on this amazing Sunday morning. After attending a double baby shower yesterday, I am cruising across the edge of excitement and into the vast expanse of unmittigated GLEE (and I don't just throw that word around!) about our approaching adoption. In the midst of my glee (okay, maybe I do), I thought I would remind everyone who schedules an appointment at USCIS to print out your confirmation ticket while you are still on INFOPASS (INFOPASS is the online appointment link on the USCIS website). It contains a barcode confirmation, and you will need it when you get to the office. Just place it with your notarized homestudy (the CIS requires notarization but not certification by the Secretary of State....remember him? .....friendliest guy in the world?.....also, I got his name wrong....I'll have to correct that in a future post), your COPIES of your birth certificates and marriage license and your checkbook. If you're starting your dossier and are not sure how to manage the I-600A, be sure to visit They have all of the paperwork available for download for free. Whe I typed I-600A into my browser to begin with, a site came up, several sites really, that CHARGED you for immigration forms. I ALMOST PAID the swindlers. All of the forms are free and easy to find and download on the government site. When you're ready to make an appointment, use INFOPASS, also free and user=friendly, and easy to cancel, if you keep your confirmation (we had to cancel and reschedule online problem). I include all of this minutae because SO many details about this process have been gleaned in our searches from other people's blogs....details that have saved us countless trips backward. So thank you, to those who have blogged their adoptions before us, and I hope this information is helpful to someone.

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