Friday, July 27, 2007

You better check yourself before you wreck yourself!

I gave the 90s rap song with the same title as this blog brand new meaning today (well, somebody had to). 30 million copies (I had 30 million in my head, accidentally typed 40 million and then took the time to delete and retype the number....apparently even my gross exaggeration has its limites), two cashier's checks, a zillion personal checks, and one closed savings account after I began the day, I was off to the post office to send in my notarized, certified, triplified, memorized, amortized.....ummm....cotterized....dossier. (Don't worry, I'm keeping a copy of the whole thing for myself, just in case). As I approached the post office with two gigantic sealed envelopes (one containing the main dossier materials and one containing "additional documents" that included an enormous check and several small ones), I prayed for the process one more time. No sooner had I uttered my "Amen" then I was struck with the sick and yet somehow amusing thought that I may have ommitted perhaps the most important signature of the packet, the one authorizing payment on my BIGGEST of BIG check for the agency, country, and visa administration fees. I tried to laugh off my vague premonition to no avail and found myself frantically tearing into my hermetically sealed yellow and white envelopes to check all of the Lo and behold! (read, Suprise! Eureka! Holly Moley!, etc.) There lay my Gigantically Enormously Big check with NO SIGNATURE ON IT! I, of course, emitted an exclamation of shock and disbelief before I signed the thing with a shaky hand and reassembled the delicate matrix of "dossier" and "supporting documents." AAAARRRRRRGGGGG! I am reminded that God is at work inside of me, and that sometimes.....okay....frequently.....possibly always, his job description entails rescuing me from the depths of my perpetual incompetence. He does it masterfully. Remember -- check to be sure that you have signed your's not a catchy phrase, but if I was into tattoos......


Jennifer said...

Amy -

You can up your count to at least 7 people reading your blog now! I laughed out loud at least twice! Very funny.

My name is Jennifer and I'm in Indianapolis. My dossier went to Ethiopia on June I have 1 month and 8 days on my agency's Waiting List for a baby girl. Yeah!

While mine blog isn't anything as entertaining as yours right now - but I am inspired - you can find it at:

I think hooking up and getting to know other "local" families adopting from Ethiopia would be great.

So congratulations on your fammily's progress so far. You keep writing and I'll keep reading.


Debbie said...

Hi, I am Debbie and I hope to follow your blog. I have one too, feel free to read it. We have adopted from Guatemala and hope to adopt from Ethiopia also. I enjoyed so far reading your blog!!