Thursday, July 26, 2007

We're on our way, Oh what a day!

I realize that the title of this post will only resonate with exactly 6 of the people who may or may not be reading this blog. (Unless a few unforseen members of the cast in the church musical we did when I was in 5th grade just happen to stumble across this blog.) In any case, it captions our morning perfectly. Today is the day Josh and I sprint to the first marker of the papertrail in this adoption....we will be notarizing a zillion or so documents at our bank, securing the bulk of our Ethiopia fees so that I can write a check that doesn't bounce (we hear they frown on fraud and misrepresentation when qualifying families for adoption), then it's off to the Secretary of State to obtain certification for several documents before a trip to USCIS (immigration) to submit our I-600A, (petition to adopt a foreign born orphan). In the meantime, it's possible we'll have to drive across the state to get a corrected copy of our homestudy. The agent extimated our gross annual income about 30,ooo dollars too high....nice, but once again we run into the frowned upon fraud issue. Thanks to mom who is watching the kids so that we aren't disqualified for adoption based upon the behavior of kids forced to stand in line at CIS! Actually, they're wonderful and would probably make us look good.......we have great kids....ready to be blessed with one more. Did I mention, we're on our way......

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